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Smile-Enhancing Cosmetic Dentistry

Wide Smile - Cosmetic Dentistry

Show off your pearly white smile with cosmetic dentistry services from Mark T. Chase, DDS. Located in Omaha, Nebraska, we provide everything from modern bonding techniques and chipped tooth repair to aesthetic-focused procedures like white fillings as opposed to metal fillings. We also use crowns to restore integrity to the teeth, ranging from simple fillings to crowns.

Cosmetic Procedures for a Beaming Smile

Visit our office for a whiter smile. We offer the simple, yet effective process of teeth bleaching, as well as a more upscale procedure, which involves placing porcelain veneers on stained or misshapen teeth.

However, the path to a white smile starts at home, which is why we offer two different take-home systems. One system involves the use of a fabricated tray filled with bleaching gel, which fits over your teeth. We recommend that you only pursue bleaching systems prescribed by or supervised by a dentist to prevent any damage to the teeth or gums. The second system is Crest™ White Supreme, which is less expensive and similar to the Crest White system, but it is more powerful and features a higher concentration of the ingredient that whitens teeth.

Contact us in Omaha, Nebraska, to whiten your smile with our cosmetic dentistry procedures.