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Regular Dental Cleanings & Gum Treatments

Keep your smile happy and healthy with regular visits to Mark T. Chase, DDS. Our Omaha, Nebraska-based office provides dental cleanings and gum treatments to ensure your teeth and gums stay strong.

Preventative Dental Services

We emphasize the importance of frequent dental checkups and cleanings. Typically, we recommend scheduling a visit every six months. If you experience any gum issues, we recommend every three months. With regular dental checkups, we can identify any problems in the early stages when they're easier to treat.

Gum Treatment

As you get older, your gums become more susceptible to bacterial infections, such as gingivitis–inflammation of the gums--or periodontal disease, which causes you to lose some of the supporting structure of your teeth.

To counter these issues, we provide gum treatments known as root planing and scaling. These deep clean procedures remove tartar and plaque from around the teeth and gums, improving overall health.

Woman Getting Teeth Examined - Dental Cleanings

Building Personal Relationships

At our dental office, our staff is dedicated to getting to know each of our patients. This extends from our receptionists to Dr. Chase himself, who takes a genuine interest in each person who walks through our door. Though Dr. Chase works with patients as young as one year old, he has years of experience with elderly patients. Our practice has even transferred equipment to local nursing homes so we can treat elderly residents.

Contact us in Omaha, Nebraska, to take advantage of our dental cleaning services.